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To make Golden Pumpkin Cake, just follow the simple variation steps shown below the recipe in the Tips section. Tools you'll need: The flavor of pumpkin pie in a creamy cheesecake — the secret is it's baked in a water bath. This Halloween, instead of scrapping the seeds from your jack-o'-lantern, drizzle them with butter, coat in sugar, salt, and cinnamon, and bake until irresistibly golden and caramelized. Our pumpkin cheesecake is light (in texture) and rich at the same time. In a partially developed state, they would become a liability to an organism, not an advantage.Moreover, most complex organs have interdependent relationships with other complex organs which enable proper functioning.The millions of mechanical and chemical processes, as well as behavioral patterns and physical characteristics, would all need to be compatible. Codes and programs (DNA and the genetic code) are produced only by intelligence.Even leading evolutionists admit they cannot explain this. Human speech and languages did not evolve - in fact the best evidence is that languages "devolve". Furthermore, studies of 36 documented cases of children raised without human contact show that speech appears to be learned only from other humans. If so, the first humans must have been endowed with a speaking ability (intelligent input). No natural process has ever been observed to produce a program. The existence of similarities between different forms of life implies a common designer, not a common ancestor.

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"A mutation is a random change of a highly organized, reasonably smoothly functioning living body.Examples include the miniature and reliable sonar systems of dolphins, porpoises and whales; the frequency-modulated radar and discrimination system of bats; the aerodynamic capabilities and efficiency of the hummingbird; the control systems, internal ballistics and combustion chamber of the bombardier beetle; the precise and redundant navigational system of the arctic tern; and the self-repair capabilities of practically all forms of life.All evidence points to "intelligent design," not random processes. All living species are fully developed, and their organs are fully developed.If evolution occurred, one should find many forms of life with 2 to 20 cells as transitional forms between one-celled and many-celled organisms. As an embryo develops, it does not repeat an evolutionary sequence.Although it is widely known that Ernst Haeckel, who popularized this belief, deliberately falsified his drawings, they are still used in current biology textbooks. No verified form of extraterrestrial life of any kind has ever been observed. It is now acknowledged that "Piltdown man" was a hoax; the only evidence for "Nebraska man" turned out to be a pig's tooth; Eugene Bubois conceded forty years after he discovered "Java man" that it was just a large gibbon; the skulls of "Peking man" are now considered by many to be the remains of apes; the classification Homo erectus is considered by most experts to be a category that should never have been created. The earth's sedimentary layers were deposited rapidly, not slowly over millions of years. The existence of fossils dictates a sudden deposition of sediments.These organs are not even imaginable, much less viable in a partially developed state.The principle of "irreducible complexity" demonstrates that a wide range of component parts and technologies must be simultaneously existent for these organs to function.We spiced our pumpkin buttermilk waffles with the flavors of fall — cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg.Served with hot maple syrup and fresh sliced pears, this morning meal gets the day off to a great start. This recipe makes both a tiered layer cake and the easy pumpkin cake pictured here.There are no living lizards with scale-feathers, leg-wings, or 3-chambered hearts. All living creatures are divided into distinct types. Many different forms of life are completely dependent upon each other (symbiotic relationships).If evolutionary processes were the norm, these intermediate forms of development should be observable throughout nature. There should be a myriad of transitional, un-classifiable creatures if evolution was the norm. Even members of the honeybee family, consisting of the queen, workers, and drones, are interdependent.


  1. Jun-Seo Lee Chun-Hee and Mi-Yeon Han Ji-Hye have been dating for a long time. Jun-Seo grows tired of his girlfriend's unfailing love, and volunteers to do.

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