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How the web became a sexists paradise Free starte local porn

As a collection of short pieces, there is little room to go into feminist theory, but this is not an academic book, it acts as both an interesting period piece and a springboard for ideas.

The range of styles and content means articles may be interesting, amusing, offensive, contradictory, or utterly harrowing, such as Emily Wax's 2003 report on sexual violence during the war in Congo.

The study has revealed the negative impact that holding a sexist view can have on your relationship (stock image)The study was conducted by the Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Researchers surveyed 108 heterosexual Israeli men for the study, which showed that those who held patriarchal views were often those that felt the most anxious.

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At least that according to new research by Israeli scientists who say patriarchal men often have problems forming a loving relationship.Tricia Lowther is from Liverpool and lives in Durham.An avid reader and feminist mother, she spends her spare time writing about all sorts of everything for various websites and can be followed @Trish Lowt on twitter.In it she attempts to answer the question; "What is the Women's Liberation fuss about?" Some of the language in the early articles is almost quaint.In the penultimate article Libby Brooks calls for a debate on what feminism means today and also makes the point that young feminists can find answers to present day issues in the history of the movement.Much of 'the third wave' goes over old ground, and marginalises older women in the process.Ariel Levy's critique of raunch culture makes more salient points.On a positive note the internet provides many women with a space to discuss and organise.These men were also likely to display benevolent sexism – for example, by trying to take care of women – towards those who embrace traditional feminine roles.These findings support a connection that dates back to the time of Sigmund Freud, which indicates that some men find sexual pleasure and love for a woman to be incompatible.


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  2. How the web became a sexists’ paradise For more information on the differences between how men and women are treated and if you think for a second this doesn’t.

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