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Maybe you've been going on first dates with nice people who just didn't quite "click".Or maybe you've had a few relationships that ended because you wanted different things.Australia has one of the largest Greek populations outside Greece in the world, with almost half the Aussie Greek community living in Melbourne.

Ancient pottery and coins were found which helped archaeologists date the city, with some of the oldest items dating back to 500BC.Towers, walls and city gates have been discovered on the hill's summit and slopes, but very little is visible on the ground below - leading experts to believe the city is buried beneath.Researchers from the Dorset university joined forces with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and local experts to investigate the incredible discovery using groundbreaking technology such as radar and drones.And he added: "The city seems to have flourished mainly from the fourth to the third century BC before it was abandoned for some reason, maybe in connection with the Roman conquest of the area." Researchers considered western Thessaly a "backwater", but Robin says the project would help fill in the gaps about the area.The team are planning to return in August to continue exploring the site.A MYSTERIOUS ancient city which dates back to 500BC has been found by British archaeologists buried beneath a hill - but they cannot understand how it has lain undiscovered for so long.Experts from Bournemouth University have been exploring the remains of the secret Greek city in Vlochos, around 190 miles north of Athens, believed to date back 2,500 years.If your well-intentioned family and friends aren't having much luck at the matchmaking game and you're ready for that next great relationship, then maybe it's time to try online dating?Nowadays, more and more long-term relationships and marriages begin with two people looking online for someone with whom they connect at a deep level.Bournemouth archaeology lecturer Dr Derek Pitman said the equipment allowed the team to view the site like never before, producing 3D maps of the fortifications and a detailed plan of the underground features.“The exceptional imagery has helped understand the extent of the city including the identification of possible private and public areas as well as industrial quarters," he said.


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