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Exactly the way that Granny Babette liked her women...

"Max, you're beautiful and I want you but in the bedroom, I'm the boss, I don't care if you're a stud or butch or dyke, are we clear?

After the church meeting ended, Granny Babette approached Max Muchina, and understandably, the young gay Black woman was weary of the tall, straight-laced, well-dressed and very feminine Black church lady.

Please don't be one of those church women who wants to convert me to heterosexuality with praying and all that jazz, Max Muchina thought as Granny Babette approached her.

Dyke, stud, femme or butch, Max absolutely loves a bossy Black woman, and couldn't resist Granny Babette's charms...

"You got it, boss lady," Max Muchina, swaggering tomboy, heard herself reply to Granny Babette, who grinned.

If the attractive older Black church gal started a sermon about the evils of Black lesbianism, Max had nowhere to run...

"Do tell," Max said nervously, and Granny Babette grinned, and did the last thing that the tough-talking, masculine-attired, swaggering young Black lesbian expected.

Max was shocked, to say the least, but for reasons unknown even to herself, she kissed Granny Babette back.This straight-laced, attractive older broad was starting to annoy Max, who was weary of condemnation from the old Black church crowd.Without realizing it, Max took a step back, and suddenly realized that she had her back against the wall.The sultry Black MILF joined her younger lover on the bed and began making love to her.Max lay there, smiling as Granny Babette kissed her lips and caressed her small breasts, then slid her hand between her thighs.The dark-skinned, short-haired, athletic young Black woman reminded Granny Babette of the character played by Hollywood actress Dawn Lewis on A Different World back in the day. " Max Muchina asked as Granny Babette drew closer, totally getting into her personal space.The church basement was empty, and everyone was gone."Sister Babette, I know you have experience handling these wayward types, can you do something about Max Muchina?" Pastor said, and Granny Babette smiled at the preacher man and nodded sagely.For once, she left the brothers alone and had some fun with a feisty young Black woman named Maxima "Max" Muchina, a tomboyish gal who actually taught Granny a thing or two..."I'm a bull dyke, what you call a stud or one of them butch types, I own the words that describes women like me," Max Muchina said as she spoke at the church meeting, boldly asserting her Black lesbian identity in front of these conservative church folks in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario.


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