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Unit will not accept .mp3 files The early GPS units had .mp3 players built in. You can do this by using Media IO (to convert one format to another, say .mp3 to .wav) 3C.At some point Garmin decided that the expense of licensing the ability to play .mp3 files was not profitable. It has been said that the file must be PCM, 44.100 k HZ., and 16 bits, Mono and that a stereo wav file will not work.To correct this problem, follow these suggestions: * Ensure the GPS device has the latest firmware version using Garmin Express * Ensure the latest version of the Garmin Communicator Plugin is installed * If the SD card you are using has a write-protection switch, verify the switch on the SD card is in the unlocked position * Take steps to ensure the computer's USB configuration is as simple as possible: a. Use the USB ports on the back of the computer if using a desktop PC c. The zumo 350, dezl 760, and nuvi 2405, 2407, 2505, 2507, 2707, 3400, 3500, and 3507 series devices will only display POI icons when you have that map layer selected.Unplug any other unnecessary USB devices except for the mouse and keyboard, reboot the computer, and try again * Use a separate micro SD/SD card reader instead of inserting the memory card into the device * If the issue occurs using Internet Explorer on Windows 10, run Internet Explorer as administrator and try again: 1. For more information on map layers, view the article https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces?

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Then add the bmp icons to the folder, run POI Loader, and again check the gpi file size in the device.Files will be in alpha order when and only when you use subfolders. Click the option to set a custom scaling level and adjust the scaling level to 100%, then click OK 6. Also, you must be zoomed to 200 feet or closer on the map.If all the files and their associated icons and sounds are in the top level folder, they will be stored on the unit in the order they are read. Click the Reset button under Reset Internet Explorer settings 5. Preloaded points of interest (like restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc.) will not display icons on the map if they are not also saved favorites.The folders become categories on the GPS that make the list of scrolling through files much shorter. Your computer and device may be one of those that have problems with Express. Garmin Map Updater PC: Map Garmin Map Updater Mac: Map Because Garmin Express is displayed as a window with a fixed size in Windows and Mac OS X, certain resolution requirements must be met in order for the window to fit on the screen. Adding this up, it is obvious that a unit with only 2 GB of memory can not contain the entire map.\My POIs ______\Favorites ______\Food ______\Stores etc. A disadvantage is that you have to go through all of the files and individually configure them before running POILoader if some people want alerts, or different distances, or different icons or WAV sounds, etc. Using individual POI folders A disadvantage if you run POILoader on each of the following sub-folders individually you end up with multiple GPI files. Then each of the multiple files in each folder will be in the root of your Custom POIs. Also, if the computer is set to magnify the size of text, this may cause display issues with Expess. Click "Adjust Screen Resolution" under "Appearance and Personalization" (If this option does not appear, select Category in the View by: menu at the top right.) 4. Click Adjust Font Size (DPI) and set to Default scale (96 DPI) 4. Click Restart Now for changes to take effect If the screen resolution is at or above 1024 x 768 and text magnification is turned off, the Garmin Express window should fit in the available area. If it looks like the maps should fit but don't, you should first read Freeing up more space for maps There are many good FAQs on getting maps onto SD cards.Even though it is not documented by Garmin, files can be used in place of .mp3 files. To use files, a particular version of must be in the same folder as POI Loader. If you have a stereo wav, there is a portable, freeware software package that will convert it to mono. my testing indicates that - with the correct version of - most all wav files work fine.The 2nd GPI file will always be the 2nd file or group of files in the display order on the GPS, regardless of whether you update them later by copying updated files over top of them. Open Garmin Express and follow the on-screen prompts to add the device back to Express Thanks to metricman for posting this solution Some units will need to use a SD card because the size of the latest maps - plus the other necessary files - exceeds the capacity of the devices internal memory. The device's internal memory/storage space varies by model and by the software that is loaded to the device (e.g., firmware, maps, vehicles, voices, etc…).So, in short, they are always displayed in the order they were originally installed on your GPS and will be alphabetical in folder first, then file order within each GPI file. Uncheck the box next to Delete the saved backups 5. To view the amount of available free space your device, follow these steps below.There was an excellent post by bear009 that should bear on this subject of the order of folders and files that appear on the device.If you individually compile POI files or groups of POI in different folders to a location on your hard drive then the order is ...


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