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This post was inspired by my comment exchange with a site reader about negotiating a settlement with a Discover credit card that is now in the hands of a collections law firm.

My comment would have been too lengthy a reply on the page the discussion originated, and this is also something that is not all that topical to the Debt Relief Program Intro page.

In a comment Jay said: “Some people have ask me to opt in for Arbitration with JAMS but i do not know much about Arbitration. All I have to do is send them a CMRRR saying that I dispute this debt, request validation and elect arbitration with JAMS to resolve this matter between us.” There is a long sorted history with using arbitration to collect unpaid credit card debts.

I cannot possibly cover it in this post, even if I wanted to (I don’t), but I am very familiar with the history, and the strategic purpose of someone in Jay’s situation electing for it now.

What follows is food for thought not just with Discover Card, but with creditors like Citibank, American Express, Capital One, etc.

For context, you should read the comment string with Jay about settling with Discover.

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But I do know that his goal has been to settle, because he sent a letter to Discover offering to, and has said that remains his goal in the above linked comment string.

From the other page Jay said: “I have a Discover card owe 00 on it.

I was communicating with Discover via mail, and offered to settle for 25%.

And though I may come off as not supportive of the different ways you can succeed with “alternative methods” for resolving debt, I am actually all for using different strategies to best resolve a debt when someone is well informed of the risk/reward of the alternatives, like disputing a valid debt, or serving notice to a debt collector that you will elect for arbitration of any dispute.

But that does not appear to be a good alternative for Jay when considering what he shared in the other comment thread.


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