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Some diseases to consider are HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HTLV, Rubella, as well as cytomegalovirus (CMV) and tuberculosis. If you cannot get a complete picture of the health of your donor, one option is to look into at-home pasteurization.Please see our Resource Guide for more information. A: Expressed milk can be stored in various breastmilk containers following the manufacturers' instructions.Eats On Feets does not put an age range on pediatric needs, and reposting these needs will be up to the discretion of our admins.A strong case can be made for the medical use of breastmilk by adults.I posted her needs on Facebook and the response was immediate and fantastic.I thought it would be awesome if there were a page dedicated to milk sharing and tribe nursing.Please repost the offer/request in order to find a more suitable arrangement.Eats on Feets, or other Eats on Feets page is not responsible for the outcome of any milk sharing arrangements.

Eats On Feets encourages families to practice safe social networking. A: Q: What may be expected of me as a donor and/or recipient?Eats On Feets supports informed choice and a woman’s right to share her breastmilk with whomever she chooses.Adult needs are welcome on our Wall, but will not be reposted by our admins. Regarding adults requesting milk for non-medical reasons, please see this site for more information.Community breastmilk sharing works because mothers, fathers, professionals, communities, caring citizens and people just like YOU are joining together to help ensure that babies have access to commerce-free breastmilk. With Eats On Feets, these donations are commerce-free, just as nature intended, and they are making a huge difference in the lives of babies and their families. Every day, women from around the world selflessly donate thousands of ounces of breastmilk directly to babies.So, this is a networking page for moms to share and receive milk when needed.I am not responsible for milk sharing results or content shared by other posters. While it is true that tribe feeding offers MANY benefits, there is ALWAYS the risk of disease/contamination. Eats On Feets is uniquely dedicated to safe, ethical, and informed breastmilk sharing between families.By maintaining a global network, supporting families, reaching out to local communities, policy makers, professionals and again, people like YOU, it is our goal that community based breastmilk sharing continues to grow and be recognized as a normal and vital part of human life.If, you too, believe that babies deserve access to healthy, commerce-free breastmilk, please join us!As a dedicated group, we routinely reassess our goal and purpose: providing space and support to the families and professionals who choose informed milk sharing guided by the Four Pillars. Eats On Feets does not endorse any order of priority for the sharing of breastmilk with babies and young children.This is our commitment to our communities and to the right of every baby to have biologically normal nutrition. Although Eats On Feets focuses on breastmilk for babies and young children, sometimes medical needs arise for older children or adults.


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