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Arbuthnot:peanut gallery See shot A random, offhand criticism or condemnation; a censorious remark shot from the hip, lacking forethought and direction. By transference, the term acquired the sense of a shot taken at a defenseless person or thing at close range from an advantageous position.slings and arrows Barbed attacks, stinging criticism; any suffering or affliction, usually intentionally directed or inflicted.

The words come from the famous soliloquy in which Hamlet contemplates suicide:stop-watch critic A hidebound formalist, whose focus is so riveted on traditional criteria or irrelevant minutiae that he fails to attend to or even see the true and total object of his concern.

Relationships are one of the first things that all of us take for granted. But yet, we forget how much something really matters to us when we don’t stand to lose it.

As well as calling him a “starvling”, an “elf-skin”, a “dried neat’s tongue” and a “stock-fish” (all metaphors for scrawny, shrunken next-to-nothings), Falstaff calls the young Prince Hal a “bull’s pizzle” in Henry IV: Part 1. ”—or, in other words, he’ll smack her on her behind.After he’s called the servant bringing him news of an army of 10,000 English soldiers on their way north a “cream-faced loon”, Macbeth asks him “where got’st thou that goose look? ” Shakespeare used mechanical to mean “a menial, unskilled worker,” so all in all a “base dunghill villain and mechanical” is the lowliest of the low.Speaking of dunghills, a bonus fact: Voltaire referred to the few verses and scenes of Shakespeare that he actually admired as “a few pearls which I had found in his enormous dunghill.” Thersites calls Patroclus a “finch-egg” in Troilus and Cressida, probably in the sense that it’s a fairly small, insignificant thing. Says does work with Make A Wish flying kids around yet no one ever heard of him or Canuck House or Children’s hospital.Bank and credit cards don’t sue people they sue the company. Claims he is trying to sue us for speaking truth but that story has endless lies in it his ex girlfriend unknowingly verified. Ladies he will find ways to get money for his investments and talks this huge game his loaded… All the high rollers he claims to know never heard of him. His millions of dollars he claims to have in aviation business, homes, cars and watches all bogus. Facebook uncovered an ex and she said never saw anything he claimed to have and stories he spent tons on her is very untrue. The great William Shakespeare died 400 years ago this week, so in honour of his quardicentennial, here are ten of the Bard’s best barbs.“Get thee glass eyes, and like a scurvy politician seem to see the things thou dost.” Shakespeare’s scurvy means “contemptible” or “despicable”, while he used politician to mean a crooked plotter or schemer who, in this quote from King Lear, only chooses to see what best suits him. A “luxurious mountain goat” might sound like something you’d want to pet, but back in Shakespeare’s day luxurious meant “louche” or “hedonistic”, and the randy behaviour of goats was enough to transform this into an insult Pistol throws at a French soldier in Henry V. Says worth million with house in Bahamas but found pictures of that house on real estate site. You can’t become citizen in 2 apparent years of ownibg house there. Public records in court systems show his big person debit. Says owns various homes and businesses but visited a building he claimed own and the actual owner never heard of him. His addresses don’t match up and always has a story about all his money. I think he’s married as last girl he dated said he was never available and change plans every time.Used of written matter exclusively, blue-pencil derives from the blue pencil used by many editors to make manuscript changes and with faint praise To praise in such restrained or indifferent terms as to render the praise worthless; to condemn by using words which, at best, express mediocrity.Its first use was probably by Alexander Pope in his 1735 Epistle to Dr. Page’s reference to Pot shot originally referred to the indiscriminate, haphazard nature of shots taken at game with the simple intention of providing a meal, i.e., filling the pot.


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