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Filipino dating customs

He could serenade her on any given night or when the moon was full for a more romantic touch. The man had to win the favor of the woman and her family before he could visit the woman in her home.

Rivalry was very civil that sometimes both men would visit at the same time.

This will also demostrate to the man that he has to work hard to win her love.

Some courtships may last for years before the woman accepts her admirer’s love and they become 'magkasintahan', a term for boyfriend-girlfriend.

You can find out more in 'Filipino Wedding Customs'.It would be inappropriate to court a Filipino girl and formalize the relationship without informing the girl’s parents.There is a unspoken rule here that says: “When courting a Filipino girl, you are not just courting her but you are courting the entire family as well ”.It was prim and proper for the Filipina to entertain who came first and always made sure to give enough time for the one who came in last.Walks at the parks or beach were mostly what made a typical date out during those times and a chaperon was a must.Second Stage: Tactful Dating That is the second stage of Filipino courtship whereby the courting couple would go out together without the company of their friends. Filipino women do not like the courtship process to be fast.Filipino girls are expected to play hard to get because their culture deemed it as an appropriate behavior when they are being courted.Today, dating has evolved and somehow has been influenced by the culture of the west.The Filipino dating culture now has lots of facets. With the rise of mobile phones and the creation of the internet, romance can develop from a brief courtship.Following this rule will help you earn her respect by entrusting her family with high regard.There are certain traditions that have to be observed when visiting the Filipino girl's family.


  1. Jul 4, 2012. It is true that quality Filipina women are not easy to get. In fact, because of Philippine customs and traditions, they are shy and conservative. Filipina women are not liberal they are imbued with Asian and Christian values. Do not expect that the dating stage will be short. Our tip for you if you are considering.

  2. Filipino Courtship Customs. One important challenge that every type of relationship faces is learning to understand the customs of the other person's culture. This is particularly true for any man who is interested in finding a Filipina bride. Traditionally, courtship is for a long period of time - often several years - before.

  3. Today, dating has evolved and somehow has been influenced by the culture of the west. The Filipino dating culture now has lots of facets. Serenading has vanished, in urban areas at least, the dating customs has taken diverse applications. Dating has now become a fad. Public displays of affection are acceptable norms.

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  5. Jun 24, 2011. Courting under Filipino tradition gives very big importance on the value of respecting the woman and her family and strictly adhering with proper rules set by society for pursuing a lady. At this stage, the couple can now start dating in public but always in the company of a chaperon. The man will still.

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