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Fiction on miley lilly dating

This historic, nationally-televised program will broadcast live and ...

Transplanted with her family to Malibu, she leads the life of a fairly typical upper-middle-class So Cal girl.

While in bed, sleeping, Miley's mother (played by Brooke Shields) visits her and tells Miley ...

See full summary » Director: Roger Christiansen Lilly's Mother gets a job in Atlanta, but Lilly doesn't want to go there.

Oliver fancies himself a smooth operator, and suffers frequent blows to his ego.

As of mid-Season 3, he is dating Lilly, and is well on his way to a music career of his own.(Tropes pertaining to Oliver's relationship with Lilly can be found under her character entry, and will not be repeated).


  1. What episode does lily and oliver start dating in Hannah Montana. they kissed once but the second time miley stopped them. Does lilly date oliver in Hannah.

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