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Contrary to worldwide findings that female poverty is correlated with higher rates of female-headed households, findings from the Ghana Living Standards Survey indicate that female-headed households may not actually experience higher poverty than male-headed households.This is because reasons that households are headed by females differ across the country.Anthropologists have explained the practice was a traditional method for well-to-do men to procreate additional labour.In patrilineal societies, dowry received from marrying off daughters was also a traditional means for fathers to accumulate additional wealth.The social roles of women in Ghana have varied throughout history.The overall impact of women in Ghanaian society has been significant.Barrenness was, therefore, considered the greatest misfortune.Given the male dominance in traditional society, some economic anthropologists have explained a female's ability to reproduce as the most important means by which women ensured social and economic security for themselves, especially if they bore male children.

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The separate living patterns reinforced the idea that each spouse is subject to the authority of a different household head, and because spouses are always members of different lineages, each is ultimately subject to the authority of the senior men of his or her lineage.

Therefore, female-headed households headed by married women are best-off in terms of poverty, followed by divorced females, and widowed females.

Social norms and assigned roles for women is one of Ghana’s main issues.

Her male children also assured her of more direct access to wealth accumulated in the marriage with her husband.

Today, marriage dynamics generally vary between rural and urban areas.


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