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[Peter kicks, headbutts and throws Brian out the window and into the road. A car tries to avoid Brian, but instead crashes into Cleveland's empty house, where the bathtub crashes to the ground, empty] Brian: She's 50, Stewie she's not an old woman [His phone rings and he takes it out and answers it] Hello? Hey Rita...[His smile turns to a frown and he talks with a hushed voice]...uh, no I'm not hungry yet...well, if we get there by I'm sure they'll honor it... He goes on to cheat on Rita, but after feeling much guilt, tries to patch things up.

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Season: 8 Episode: 4 Total Episode Count: 130 Prod.

To his family's amusement and dismay, they hit it off and get engaged only to have Rita break her hip while making love with Brian.

Brian finds out that taking care of an older person can be a burden.

The episode follows anthropomorphic dog Brian as he dates a middle-aged woman named Rita, after he is stood up by her daughter.

He eventually becomes reluctant to continue their relationship, however, after he discovers several health concerns that she endures and is continually harassed by his family.


  1. Brian ends up attracted to Rita and asks her out instead. They hit it off and end up spending the night together. While trying to sneak out of the house they are caught by the family who tease Brian about dating an older woman. FGuy BriansBrandNewBag 702 4F. Brian tries to set up a dinner with the family but it goes poorly.

  2. Apr 13, 2013. Mix - Family Guy-Brian's Got a Brand New Bag-S8E4-Leave The Keys On The DavenportYouTube. stewie griffin where's my money - Duration. Ronan Kelly 12,326,888 views · · Family Guy Stereotypes - Duration. Shayan P 6,080,330 views ·. Family Guy - Brian Shoots his owner.

  3. Rita is a fifty-year-old "cougar" that Brian Griffin dates in "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag". When Brian shows up for a date with Rita's daughter, named Nicole, he finds that she has already gone out with some other guy and Rita and Brian hit it off. To his family's amusement and dismay, they hit it off and get engaged only to.

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