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Expect dating nigerian man

When I am in a relationship, I am all in and I put everything into it.I can only quit a relationship if the person betrays my trust because, to me, trust is everything. If I don’t trust a person, it would be hard to be with the person.She was from Lagos, the biggest city in the country.And she was so religious that the Bible was her constant companion.The worst combo I’ve encountered is a man who insists he’s a nice guy feminist. Their refrains — “Why is everyone in such a rush to get married?

“My ex always did this.” Sometimes I think it’s because they were the one dumped. Sometimes they haven’t had that many relationships, and they only know how to keep analyzing things side by side with the last person in their life. The One Who Wants You to Be a Mind Reader They expect you to know their thoughts even before they think it.I am not saying this to bash men but I think no one pushes Nigerian men to fight for anything so they have this sense of entitlement.I was watching a Nigerian movie one day and there was this unfaithful Nigerian man who left his wife for another woman.Back then I didn’t have the emotional maturity for a serious relationship.I will never forget her smile when she looked at me with her beautiful big eyes and said I learned a lot about Nigerian women and about myself from this experience. I mean, the definitions of third base and fourth base vary. She was way too religious for that…​I told you that you would be screwed without this guide.As much as she has been rumoured to have had one or two things with singers, Adekunle Gold and Falz at some point, popular singer, Simi, has said Nigerian men “are not romantic.” She said, “I don’t believe Nigerian men are romantic.I think Nigerian men do not think they have to be romantic.So if a man feels that he does not have to fight to keep the relationship, he would not.” The singer who hinted that she is currently in a relationship described the kind of lover she is.“To describe myself as a lover, I would say that I am a loyal lover.“You know I like Fufu,’ but how can I know you like Fufu when you didn’t tell me.Abeg, run, these type of guys are impossible to please.


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