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As a people, there are good and bad Russians (as with every nation)- and I've met some really nice ones. esu, etc...) also have large Russian majorities, but I only know the figure for Narva. Back to Russians, I did read the figures somewhere, but can't recall them exactly.

I have to admit, Russian/East European women tend to be more feminine than Western women. On the other hand, there are too many scammers from East Europe nowadays... Yes, please let me know about those you mention, I'd be interested in making some contacts throught them. Good that you know history (especially with such point of view respect 8) ) Figurs which you mention -% of russian in Estonia looks like too high,thats not correct i think . The West and South of Estonia have Estonian majorities as do the islands... As far as I know, the Russian percentage in Estonia as a whole is about a third. lol What the girls told me is that some foreigners go there and get drunk or drink a lot and they hate drinkers that is why most westerners get thumbs down, because they drink and behave like idiots. then she hit on me right after but I gently retired after she said "I'm looking for hot man" It is very easy to meet Estonian girls but from my experience these girls are not stupid dolls who will say yes easilly and they can also tell if you just want to get laid or actually want something genuine.

And as for the site, there seem to be so many (single? but there must be twice as many single Russian men, I would guess... We are currently trying to recruit women from there but it is quite hard. On the other hand, the highest percentage of Estonians is in the N? It's true that women there are very wise up to Westerners- the novelty has long worn off. Maybe you guys like one night stands a lot but for me I do like this: Day 1. if I want a serious relation I don't start it in bed... I arrange with the girl to meet her the following day, during the MORNING/AFTERNOON somewhere nice and public. If girl meets me somewhere nice and public it is a lot less likely she's not serious. Take more time to know her, tell her you'd like to meet her friends or her family, you can tell a lot by that. :p As for me, I just rent an appartment in the center for €300 / month, much cheaper than Hotel and as long as you don't act stupid and carry around a stack of money and expensive stuff, am unlikely to run into problems. (this is what she answered) Remember that a scammer will use emotional blackmailing while a genuine girl would never act like such.

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somehow i did not get the idea about Latvia you also shoud know,there here are two nationality: -originally latvian - russian ,who probably was born in latvia but because someone from family russian -has typical russian mentality ( with european point of view ) but totally different from latvian ,of course....

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

in estonia not so many russians as in latvia ,but exists of course in site which i mention before mostly russian from different countrys.... There were Russians in all 3 Baltic States before the war, and no political problems.

i know one site where are mostly russian but only from latvia or who work at the moment in london or ireland)))..(.interface-russian and latvian language .) also some latvian site exists but there are no any english language ,only latvian interface,i could not manage with that site myself )))) just let me know if you would like to know tham or one of tham -i send than message to you )))dont want open tham up here ps i never used any agency,even if i still looking for may be not time yet in my 38 ? mostly just observations Estonia has a high Russian population, too. It's because pre-war Russians living there were mostly Whites who had fled the Reds.


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