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ESFPs, for their part, can pull INTJs out of their inner world and teach them to enjoy the real world around them.On the negative side, naturally gregarious ESFPs may feel lonely and bored with their private and quiet INTJ partners.This comes with a price, of course — the ESFP needs to feel free as well.Trying to control the ESFP is a surefire way to end the relationship.Other reputable authors who wrote on the subject of 16 personality types gave the ESFP personality type following descriptive names: ESFP Relationships When it comes to love, dating and relationships, one thing to keep in mind is that the ESFP is looking for a playmate.Because of their poor ability to tolerate boredom and their constant need for stimulation, ESFPs are all about fun and adventures, and they want their partners to share that with them.Dating is another form of entertainment to the ESFP, an opportunity to do even more novel things with someone they love.

In the beginning they are likely to answer any deep personal questions with jokes.

INTJs, in their turn, may feel crowded and overwhelmed by the amount of social connections they have to make because of their ESFP partners.

Planning is another potential area of disagreement: the ESFP likes to keep the options open while the INTJ believes in long-term planning.

The ESFP doesn’t like to be pressured to make a decision while the INTJ hates unresolved issues.

Ideal Work Setting for ESFP Personality Type ESFPs want to be surrounded with people who resemble themselves — energetic and action-oriented.


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