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Divine dating reviews

Before moving to California as a young man, I had never heard of the Japanese internment during World War II--nope, it wasn't ever mentioned in the history books they used back on the East Coast in my youth.

So, I am not at all surprised to learn from THE DIVINE WIND that a similar "procedure" took place in Australia.

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Zeke worked for Michael as the diver on his leading lugger, the Ita Penrose - the love of Michael and Ita preserved by words – but Ita wasn’t happy in BMichael and Ita Penrose had lived in Broome, Western Australia a lot of years – their two children, Hartley and Alice were friends with Mitsy Sennosuke, the Japanese daughter of Zeke and Sadako.I read it in a day - not because it was a page turner, but because I could not wait to get it over and done with. I felt this way as a kid in the '60s, watching the evening new reports from Vietnam.Back in those days of adolescence and assassinations, my emerging heroes were calling for us to "Make Love, Not War." I've felt these sentiments resurface time and again throughout my15 July 2002 THE DIVINE WIND: A LOVE STORY by Gary Disher, Arthur Levine Books/Scholastic, May 2002"Gonna lay down my sword and shield Down by the riverside Ain't gonna study war no more"War is such stupid, insane, and horrible shit.A complex, good-hearted guy who makes one awful mistake, he repeatedly stands up and speaks loudly for what is right.In addition, the colorful, multiethnic supporting cast is a lively crowd that had me smiling despite the horrors that they frequently bore the brunt of.And what's with those big brows, flat heads, and bowed legs? That's not human.'More uneasy shouts and murmurs.'Did you hear what the Neanderthal said to the maggot chewing on the three-month-old mammoth carcass? 'A relieved burst of rowdy laughter...'I think the only way to make it to the next Big Pile of Rocks is to get rid of the competition before they get rid of us. 'The man raises his index finger once more.'We're number one! THE DIVINE WIND: A LOVE STORY is a tense and riveting read set on the northwest Australian coast at the dawn of the Second World War.I don't care that its fiction--I will be clenching my fists for days as I recall the results of the havoc wrecked by the insanity of the adult world upon the story's three young central characters: Hart, who narrates the story, his sister Alice, and Alice's best friend Mitsy Sennosuke--a girl of Japanese parents.Alice, on the other side of her, would crane her head around and meet my gaze, but never say anything, or tease, just as Mitsy would never acknowledge the intimacy when the lights came on at the end but simply treat me as one of the gang again.I sometimes thought that I dreamed of her."In stark contrast to the other white adult characters, Hart and Alice's father, Michael Penrose, is the one that I'd want to know.The result is a wrenching, unforgettable story of romance, betrayal, and the turmoils that rock both the world and the heart.Michael and Ita Penrose had lived in Broome, Western Australia a lot of years – their two children, Hartley and Alice were friends with Mitsy Sennosuke, the Japanese daughter of Zeke and Sadako.


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