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Ditched dumped divorced and dating

He left his wife of 22 years ‘heartbroken’ after ending their marriage when he fell for his younger co-star.

But Ewan Mc Gregor has now been dumped by his mistress Mary Elizabeth Winstead because she hated being labelled a ‘home wrecker’, according to sources close to the couple.

A source told the magazine: ‘Mary hated being labelled a home wrecker and the embarrassment it caused her.

The reader does not want me to use her name, but she was happy to have her story appear here.

Now it looks like he’s lost them both for good.’Last night Mc Gregor’s estranged wife told The Mail on Sunday, ‘No, I hadn’t heard’ when asked if she knew about her husband’s split from his lover. Sorry.’Production designer Eve was said to be ‘furious’ when her husband won the Best Actor In A Limited Series award at this year’s Golden Globes and thanked both her and his mistress.

‘I want to take a moment to just say thank you to Eve who always stood by me for 22 years and our four children Clara, Esther, Jamyan and Anouk,’ Mc Gregor said.

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A bit later, I'll write a follow-up post explaining why I think this particular story, and the points the writer raises, are so significant. E-mail from a Reader: I'm 32 years old, a successful freelance artist, and a happy single.


  1. Jun 29, 2015. So, even if the relationship didn't last, do your best to learn and grow from it. 8. You don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you anyway. If he or she wasn't moving mountains to hang with you when you were dating, do you really think things would have changed when you were married?

  2. Oct 12, 2004. It seems that there are ten main reasons why a man will dump a woman. As we reveal a glimpse into the male psyche, get your own back by telling us why women dump men!

  3. Dec 19, 2011. Name Robin State VA Age 31. Comment So here it goes. I met this guy online that I have been dating for about a month. I really like/d him. Initially, I told myself and him that I didn't want to have sex until I was in a relationship. However the night of our third date, after a few glasses of wine and making out.

  4. Mar 12, 2016. So I found myself imagining that a new relationship, this time with the right person, would help me climb out of the ditch the divorce left me in. When things didn't work out, I was sad, but I was relieved to know that the “rebounding” part of my post-divorce dating life was over and that now I could go find my.

  5. How is that “dumping?” I am shocked by the number of people getting divorced who tell others they got dumped. You don't dump someone when you are at that level. You might dump someone after a date or two. Notice the difference. So back to my friend's text, “I got dumped.” This is a guy my friend had been dating for a.

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