Furthermore, technical data is also gathered, such as the version of the Member's and any other visitor's web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), the operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, i OS, Windows Phone etc.) and the IP address of the system used, identification information of the computer or other device from which they are visiting.Finally, the Services operated by the Meetic Group may be using cookies or equivalent technologies, designed to store information used to identify the Member while he/she is browsing the Services and to understand the Member’s use of the Services, mainly in order to improve the Services and the browsing experience of the Member.The mandatory aspect of each answer will be specified for each question, with an asterisk or otherwise.With regards to the Meetic search criteria form or the Dating Direct Test, the very nature of the Service requires a majority of answers in order to be effective.If we do not collect this data directly from you, we will inform you that this is the case.The same is also valid for cookies, usage of which is described in our Cookie Policy.


If you are looking for the information we collect about your computer and or device through our use of cookies; then please see our Cookie Policy.

The information gathered about you when you subscribe to our Services is used to offer you our different Services.

All precautions have been taken on our databases to archive your information in a secure environment.

For the purpose of applicable data protection legislation in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), the data controllers of the Services are the Meetic Group companies, including Meetic SAS (postal address: CS 10002 - 75320 PARIS cedex 09, France).

By providing his/her information through the Services, the Member expressly authorises the Meetic Group company to which he/she has provided his/her information to transfer this information and the benefits of the above mentioned rights to the other companies of the Meetic Group, the service providers, and eventual successors of the relevant Meetic Group entity, located in or outside of the European Union, as applicable.


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