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Dating tips phone psychic readings Free virtual dating game in mobile

At this time, if the client wants more reading time, explain how you will do this with the suggestions I gave you above.3) It’s very easy to fall into the habit of sensing the answers a client wants to hear rather than what you are truly picking up. In most cases, you want the client to book another reading later on.

This helps pull everything together for your client.Consequently, I recommend that readers start with a bit of an assessment about someone’s sun sign and then move into their personal year events of what might happen in the coming year.If you don’t know how to configure sun signs by birth dates and their meanings, there are many great websites that give this information away freely. Next, I will usually ask clients if they wish a general reading or go right into questions and answers.If you are not sure what they precisely want to know, ask them to rephrase the question.If a client gets huffy about this, let them know it will help the reading and allow you to give them clearer better answers.This helps to allow events already talked about, to play out.If they strongly request more time, it’s better to have increments set out like 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so forth on your payment page.Another important tip is to keep to the minutes the client has paid for.(I always receive payment up front.) Clients will often push you for more information and run over time. If they want more time, gently suggest they come back in two weeks or a month for further information.(A “straight reading” is one in which no tools are implemented.) The point is to let the client know how you work before hand.Some people still strongly oppose the use of Tarot.


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