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Dating the crucifixion of jesus

Thus, as indicated, if the crescent moon was observed at sunset, the next day, which would start at sunset, would be Nisan 1. However I assert that yes Christ was dead for three days and nights, and I also assert that He was crucified on a Friday.

was on April 12, which was on a Monday, and in 33 A. This apparent contradiction is easily reconciled when you consider two facts.

What I am specifically referring to is recorded several times in the New Testament.

Remember from our discussion in addendum 4 that a Hebrew month did not start until the sighting of the crescent moon. Those who claim that Nisan 14 was on a Wednesday in 32 A. have failed to take into account the Julian to Gregorian conversion and have transposed a Julian date onto a Gregorian calendar and have come up with the wrong day of the week.; For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Scientists have calculated that the new moon must be at least 11 degrees above the horizon to be visible in calculated the time of the sighting of the crescent moon as listed below under Calc. He originally calculated the times in Julian; I have converted them to Gregorian. They contend that Christ could not have been crucified on a Friday and still meet the qualifications for this verse because Friday would not have left enough time for the three days and nights.

Galileans started their day at sunrise and the Jews in Matthew, Mark and Luke were written using Galilean timing and John was written using Judean timing.

Thus in the John passage above the first day of the week started at sundown and the following sunrise is when the day started in the Matthew passage.


  1. Jesus was crucified as a Jewish victim of Roman violence. On this, all written authorities Allan Powell, "Crucifixion of Jesus and the Jews", n.p. cited.

  2. What did the body of Jesus of Nazareth actually endure during those hours of torture? This led me first to a study of the practice of crucifixion itself; that is, torture and execution by fixation to a cross. I am indebted to many who have studied this subject in the past.

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