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Dating sites with eastern europeans

But whereas 80,000 km of midocean ridges are supposedly producing new crust, there are only 30,500 km of trenches and 9000 km of ‘collision zones’ – i.e. If subduction was really happening, vast amounts of oceanic sediments should have been scraped off the ocean floor and piled up against the landward margin of the trenches.

However, sediments in the trenches are generally not present in the volumes required, and they do not display the expected degree of deformation.

Contrived and unconvincing attempts are occasionally made to explain such anomalies away – e.g.Easter Island owes its roughly triangular shape to the three volcanoes located at its corners: Poike, Rano Kau, and Terevaka.In addition to these main volcanic centers there are at least 70 subsidiary eruptive centers.The island is believed to be the summit of an immense mountain formed by the outpouring of molten volcanic rock from the seafloor.It rests on a submarine platform some 50 or 60 m below the ocean’s surface, but 15 to 30 km off the coast, the platform ends and the ocean floor drops to between 18 m.For instance, the ages of islands and seamounts along the Sala y Gomez ridge (on which Easter Island and Sala y Gomez Island are located) fail to increase systematically to the east.Hotspots are commonly attributed to ‘mantle plumes’ rising from the core-mantle boundary.Successive ice ages during the Pleistocene have lowered sea level by at least 100 m and possibly far more at times, and Easter Island would then have been larger than it is today.According to the ruling geological paradigm of plate tectonics, Easter Island has never been part of a sunken continent.Even under the oceans there is no continuous asthenosphere, only disconnected asthenospheric lenses.In addition, the boundaries of the main plates are sometimes ill defined or nonexistent.


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