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Dating seeking reassurance

Health anxiety (sometimes also called hypochondriasis) is the intense fear that perceived physical symptoms are indicative of a serious illness.

The person often experiences preoccupation with and hypersensitivity to any bodily sensations experienced.

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► Individuals with OCD also experience hesitation, ambivalence, and other inhibitions, which interfere with reassurance seeking.I have a habit of asking or saying the same thing many times in order to get reassurance about certain situations.When it's about situations where you need to trust your judgment or instincts, I tend to trust other peoples' more than my own for some reason.As a result, the person with health anxiety often engages in checking the body for symptoms.Once symptoms are perceived, the cardinal feature of health anxiety is …I can go quite long periods without asking them, but I still do it every once in a while.I did it again today and my friend said she thought I was doing it because I want attention.For example there have been times where I've had a feeling that someone isn't who I think they are or could be a danger to me, But I have doubts and I second guess myself thinking 'What if I'm wrong about them.What if they're genuine and truly care about me" or "They said/did this to me BUT they also said/did this, so I don't know which one to believe".Four overarching themes were identified in terms of reassurance seeking; interrogating feelings to achieve a sense of certainty, ceaseless and careful effort, reluctance to seek reassurance, and interpersonal concern.A thematic map was produced to understand the relationship between themes and sub-themes.► Reassurance has same function as checking, which is to remove all elements of uncertainty regarding harm and responsibility.


  1. Have you been plagued by relationship anxiety.since we have been dating for a while. reassurance seeking?

  2. By examining research on excessive reassurance seeking. 19 Reassurance Seeking and Negative Feedback Seeking Katherine A. rejection in heterosexual dating.

  3. Is a platform for academics to share research papers.

  4. Reassurance seeking is a common problem in clinically anxious populations, and is particularly obvious in obsessive–compulsive disorder OCD.

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