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Look around your environment and find something in particular. Of course, you’re going to give him/her a clue but you’ll only give the first letter of the object that you want him/her to guess.

You can give more clues for a wrong guess or limit the number of guesses that’s allowed in the game. This classic game is a form of deductive reasoning that became a quick hit in the late 40s.

This isn’t a popular game, but it still offers fun and excitement.

You can find various abbreviations anywhere, from company names to phrases that are shortened for ease of use.

So next time when you want to text your girlfriend/boyfriend, spice up the things and play a game instead!

It’s usually played in a face-to-face set up, but you can do it over text instead.

However, make sure that the two of you like to watch movies. If you failed to guess the answer correctly, the punishment could be to call your boyfriend/girlfriend and sing the song and vice versa.

To make it more fun, pick a subject that’s harder to guess.

game may reveal the nature of your girlfriend/boyfriend.

The rule here is to ask a question that starts with “would you rather…” Then, it’s followed by hypothetical scenarios.

Those scenarios can be interrelated or they can be as distant as you wish them to be.

However, the two options should carry the same weight. The best “would you rather” questions are those that depict uncomfortable yet equally terrible options.


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