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He was spotted singing with his band in Battle Creek by a disk-jockey and this lead to a recording contract.

Sadly, Del Shannon committed suicide early in 1990.

Living healthy should not only involve the physical self but the emotional, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual aspects, as well.

Information about 508 original versions of recordings by singer and entertainer Elvis Presley.

He died on 21 January 1984 at the Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, New Jersey. The story goes that Raynard Miner and Billy Davis wrote a song called "Higher and Higher" and that this song was stolen from Miner's briefcase by Gary Jackson and Carl Smith.However, he had a much more secular start in the music business (for example, he recorded "Tight Like That" with Tampa Red in 1928! Some sources credit him with inventing the term "gospel music." Dorsey wrote this number in 1937, basing it on the earlier spiritual, "We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace," with Mahalia Jackson in mind.However, Jackson did not record the number and, indeed, it remained unrecorded until May 1946 when the Flying Clouds Of Detroit picked it up and recorded it as part of their only recording session for Haven.Elvis also recorded Dorsey's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." Elvis's version of "Peace In The Valley," however, owes more to Red Foley's 1951 version.Elvis included this number in his performance on the third Ed Sullivan show in which he starred, in January 1957.These two got Jackie Wilson to record the song, but it had by that time already been recorded by The Dells.Writing credit on Wilson's release showed Smith and Jackson; this led them to be sued by Miner and Davis and these were awarded 80% of the credits. Bumble announced in "Oliver Twist" that, "The law is an ass…" and right he might well have been, for The Dells' song, "Higher and Higher" (now titled "(You're Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher" for some reason, as these words do not appear in the lyrics), is very different to the Jackie Wilson version, with only minor lyrical and melodic similarities: an inspiration, perhaps, but little more. Elvis's recording was an informal one, made on a household tape-recorder and never intended for release.It should not take the place of an actual visit with your physician if at all possible.If I am unable to answer your question and a personal visit is necessary, please see me at the following clinics: Asian Hospital & Medical Center Room 512 Medical Office Building Mon – Sat – pm Call 659-0058 or 096 (ASIAN) for appointments Suite 1706 Medical Plaza Makati Building (Behind Makati Medical Center) Friday 1-2pm ( strictly by appointment only) For Questions, you may text 2685-27426 (ASIAN) Click here to view the maps to the clinics.He made several recordings in 1960 as a member of the Two Tones.(See also "Early Morning Rain.")Thomas A.Dorsey became known as "the father of gospel music," after having written more than 400 gospels.


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