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Check out Hollywood's newest moms to see who else has joined the celebrity parent club.After years of maintaining a number of homes on the West Coast, Kristen Stewart finally bought an apartment in New York.The use of Doctor as an academic title dates from the founding of the medieval universities.Before these were regularly organized, any teacher who gathered about him a number of students was a doctor, dominus , or magister .In fact, the listing makes no qualms about the current state of the three-bedroom, two-bathroom unit on the second floor; it bluntly declares, “This loft will need a renovation.”The loft features 12-foot ceilings as well as original windows that wrap around three sides and let in plenty of natural light.There’s a full exposed brick wall, as well as a non-working fireplace.This apartment last sold for just 0,000 back in 2010, and it hasn’t exchanged hands since—but not for lack of trying.

In the early Church, teachers in the catechetical schools were known as doctores audientium (Cyprian, Ep. Hartel); and finally, in the course of time, some of the most illustrious theologians were designated as "Doctors of the Church" (q.v.).

Another meeting of Our Lord with the "doctors of the law " is recorded in St. The later Jewish teachers also received the title ( doctor gemaricus, doctor mischnicus -- see Talmud ).

Under the New Law the doctors are those who have received a special gift or charisma (see CHARISMATA) such as the "prophets and doctors" of the Church at Antioch ( Acts 13:1 ), and of whom St.

The doctorate in music was conferred at Oxford and Cambridge in the fifteenth century.

For graduates in arts and theology, magister was more generally employed than doctor , but for a long time these titles were synonymous.


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