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Dating in varna

By the end of the fifth millennium BC, the once strong and powerful Varna culture began to disintegrate. Or, more importantly, your mother never told you to keep your gob shut unless you have all the facts. Thankyou- I had no idea such a site or so amazing a treasure existed: That photograph alone makes me wish I had been the one who found him- impressive, and a part of European history too. The name of Varna is an Ancient Bulgarian name meaning the furnace in the earth whereas our ancestors Ancient Bulgarians used to melt metals - gold, copper, etc.It has been hypothesized that the downfall of the Varna was the result of a combination of factors including climate change, which turned large areas of arable land into marshes and swamps, as well as the incursion of horse-riding warriors from the steppes. The article says, more than once, that the amount of gold was considerable for that TIME PERIOD. The first and oldest metal melting furnaces are found in Bulgaria in the region of Stara Zagora town.In October, 1972, excavator operator Raycho Marinov stumbled upon a vast Copper Age necropolis containing the oldest gold artifacts ever discovered.

But it was not until they reached grave 43 that they realized the real significance of the finding.

The deep bay, along which the settlements of Varna, provided a comfortable harbor for ships sailing across the Black Sea and Varna became a prosperous trading center.

Increased trading activity allowed the metallurgists to accumulate wealth and very quickly, a societal gap developed with metallurgists at the top, followed by merchants in the middle, and farmers making up the lower class.

As advances were made, and craftsmen mastered metallurgy of copper and gold, the inhabitants now had something extremely valuable to trade.

Increased contacts with neighbours both north and south eventually opened up trade relations within the Black Sea and Mediterranean region, which was of great importance for the development of the society.


  1. Apr 23, 2015. David shows us the skeleton of the Thracian man that was found alongside his golden treasure, dating back to 5,000 B. C. What_to_See_and_Do_Varna_Bulgaria_Balkans_Europe_Davidsbeenhere2. The man and gold were found in an ancient necropolis in the western industrial zone of Varna.

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