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Dating emotional connection

Almost without exception, what’s missing is that they have no emotional connection with the guy.And as I explained in my post titled Emotional Awakenings, women don’t realize this because they’re often not yet aware of their own emotional needs, and how important an emotional connection is to sustaining a long-term relationship.No spontaneous emotional connection happening here! In order for an emotional connection to happen in this scenario, either the Husband or the Wife has to call up some empathy.The Wife has to leave her own feelings behind and feel her Husband’s frustration, if only for a few moments.By contrast, many women hope that “feelings will develop” or the emotional connection will “develop over time.” But think about all the times you really clicked with someone and ended up together.It probably happened almost immediately for you as well. Weinberg is the coauthor of The I Factor, an inspirational and aspirational book about connection in the age of social media.In Why Women Hang In There With the Wrong Guys, I examined many of the reasons women stay in a relationships with the wrong guys.

Did it change the objective truth (that the dress was in fact blue and black)?The I Factor was recently published to rave reviews and endorsements from some of today’s biggest celebrities, including Larry King, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and Sofia Vergara.Available exclusively online in print and ebook versions through and the Apple i Tunes Bookstore.So once you wake up and figure out what your emotional needs are, or simply that you have emotional needs, how do you find an emotional connection?First, don’t look for the perfect guy because there’s no such thing as the perfect guy. Second, consider all the qualities and qualifications that would fit on a résumé. Because an emotional connection is what you feel, not what you think, and certainly not what fits on a piece of paper.Maybe it is physically impossible for most people to willfully change their color perception (which is not the cases with feelings, by the way).Maybe the color-shifters just had a special ability.Third, learn to trust your gut reaction, your first instinct, what Malcolm Gladwell calls your blink response.Many women ignore it, cloud it with their thoughts, and then start to doubt it.Finally, realize that you don’t “date your way” into an emotional connection.It’s either there or it’s not, and if you don’t feel it on the first or second date, going on five or ten or fifty more dates won’t change that.


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