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Dating affiliate programme

You need to be careful with your choice of a network to work with.

Therefore any extra source of income may help sush startup to fund its growth.Hi All, From what I've been reading in different threads it appears that many use different CPA networks for dating offers.Was wondering if anyone likes to use dating affiliate programs such as or any of the others like and I understand that some of the programs work on a rev share basis that as users renew their membership, as an affiliate you still get paid for the recurring membership fees.To start using affiliate marketing as either your additional or primary channel to generate an income, you need to come up with a strategy first.Find a product(s) that resonate with your personally, something that you would either buy for yourself or just in general you feel positive about.The important decision for you to make, once you’ve picked up a network, will be what business model to choose. Last but not least, once you’ve started working with an affiliate network, make sure you keep your taps on the stats you’ll be accumulating on your ad campaigns performance to optimize it over time and grow your affiliate marketing business.In a nutshell, an affiliate advertising is an online marketing channel for businesses to sell their products or services via an affiliate (which are also called publisher) website or mobile app.On Linked In you can find both affiliate networks company employees to ask questions and groups dedicated to affiliate industry.But again – don’t expect an affiliate network employees to share with you any cons of the company they work for, approach these people to figure out in general – do they provide offers for a particular vertical or not.The place to begin your research would be Affiliate Networks directories, such as the one that , online forums and Linked In.Make sure you tried multiple search queries on these resources to find as much feedback as possible, avoid comments that are strictly negative or positive, genuine feedback is usually in between these two extremes.


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