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Dating a recovering anorexic

Her reasoning for turning down the lunches was that she had important work to handle, and, maybe she did, but since we do close to the same thing, I think it is likely that she could have put off the work for one hour.

Another co-worker (who was joking, but was being stupid) asked her if she was anorexic, and received a very strong denial.

There could be a host of reasons — some of them health-related — for why you’ve never seen your co-worker eat anything, and you simply don’t know enough to assume she’s anorexic. While everything is done with now and I feel more stable, I knew I felt that way about my then-fiancée, and she was the only person in the world I trusted enough to talk about the inside of my head with. I spent a week with vodka and narcotics on my desk next to each other, trying to think of reasons I shouldn’t go to sleep forever — this woman was my whole world, and had essentially lied about loving me, wanting to be married, and pretty much everything else that I kept close to my heart.

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The exact figures in the Jewish community are unclear.

The signs include: she never eats lunch (absolutely never).

In fact, she never has eaten anything around the office, despite being here from 9am-pm every day.

Finally, she makes strange comments, such as “I’m hungry now, but I know in an hour I won’t be” (she has said this several times, always around lunch time). If being with a guy who, for two years, seems embarrassed to introduce you to his friends and family is the “happiest you’ve ever been,” you need to aim higher.

Does this seem like enough to question whether my co-worker has anorexia? Like I said before, I don’t know her that well, although we do talk some. At best, this guy wants only a casual relationship with you, so if you’re looking for a partner/ dad for your kid, it’s time to MOA ’cause this guy is not that and doesn’t want to be that.


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