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Dating a banker in nyc

Almost 41 years ago, with New York City on the brink of bankruptcy, then-President Gerald Ford told the city to “drop dead,” as the Daily News indelibly put it.

Now, the story of one of its chief resuscitators can be fully told: The New-York Historical Society recently announced it will be housing Felix Rohatyn’s papers.

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Our civic institutions, like our physical infrastructure, is shamefully atrophied.He admits it was partially to restore his reputation that he accepted Gov. Rohatyn was tasked with restoring honest accounting the city had shamefully ignored, leaving it short of billions of dollars.I have read the story before, often numbed by the municipal obligations and employee contracts.Historians will be able to pore over the financier’s archives as he and others crafted the compromises that saved New York. One recent afternoon at the Historical Society, I thumbed through a small sampling, aided by its library director.Also amid the boxes are relics of Rohatyn's made-for-a-movie life: narrow escape from Nazi-occupied France at 12; service as a U. Army intelligence sergeant; apprenticeship at the investment banking house Lazard Frères and eventual preeminence as a merger and acquisition specialist; service as U. There, amid Rohatyn’s birth certificate and embassy dinner seating arrangements, I saw a link to today’s simmering times: the nation today could use more people like Rohatyn.As interview season was winding down in January, I noticed he was trying to make that transition from 'hooking up' to 'seriously dating', I tread cautiously because my career is practically up in the air until Match day and part of me kept thinking no way I am the 'wall street type' (I know very petty.) Match day comes and in an ironic twist of fate, I match into my 3rd choice and only program on my rank list in haha (this match season was tough.) He finds out I am staying in the city for training and definitely stepped up his game since.I sincerely enjoy his company; I would love to date him, but I am worried given how we both will have fucked up hours in high-stress working environments, etc. I'd like to hear opinions from the banking perspective.Bisexual Ollie Locke has been forced to rubbish claims he has been secretly dating a male banker behind Sam Faiers’ back.The Made In Chelsea star practically professed his love for TOWIE’s Sam in the Celebrity Big Brother house and viewers were gripped by their blossoming romance.At a checkpoint on the way to Marseilles, as Rohatyn’s mother displayed her license clearing marking the family as Jewish, the guard reached in his pocket for a smoke, waving them through, stopping the car behind them.Also pointedly appropriate for this political age, in which blasting bankers is never out of fashion, Rohatyn’s stint as a key architect of the city’s rescue came after a high-profile (and not always distinguished) mergers and acquisitions career.


  1. Bisexual Ollie Locke has been forced to rubbish claims he has been secretly dating a male banker behind Sam Faiers' back. Bisexual Ollie Locke. NYC on.

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