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We had dinner at the home of our host ambassador with several other ambassadors and family members.We enjoyed authentic Bahamian cuisine that was prepared by our host’s mother and friends that included: conch fritters and baked crab for appetizers.

The Bahamians start the party/parade at 1 am wearing elaborate costumes made of paper and making music with cowbells and goat skin drums. Arlene Nash Ferguson, founder of the museum, has been celebrating Junkanoo since she was 4 years old and has a deep passion for ensuring that this tradition lives on.

You can almost feel the rhythm of the celebration as she passionately describes the history of Junkanoo.

And before you leave, she will have you shaking a cow bell or beating a drum and wishing that you too could participate in Junkanoo.

Yes, our limo driver and owner of Romeo’s Executive Limousine, Romeo Farrington was the man around town.

Everywhere we went, we heard: “Hi Romeo.” Romeo has been driving limos and taxis for over 50 years!


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