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I think most of you will appreciate this: You spot this hot guy and you’re like: (mine gif finding nemo) You spend days (maybe weeks) figuring out how to start a conversation with him. How can the man of your dreams have a girlfriend already?! You complain to all of your friends until they’re like, “God, SHUT UP.” People are like, “There are other fish in the sea,” and you’re just like, “But I want that one!

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Carlos draws on years of experience in Eastern philosophy, psychology, Martial Arts, sales, and plain old common sense to explain the mystifying and confusing world of dating and relationships.

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Step 5: Play the waiting game – this is perhaps the hardest part of all, knowing that your feelings are hanging out there on a limb and you’re stuck, anxiously staring at your phone hoping for a text that says Okay, so maybe it’s not that dramatic for you – but waiting it out is tough.