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Cross references in word 2016 not updating

For example, you could ensure a canonical hostname by rewriting any requests to instead be everything after the re-write rules have run.Another example is to redirect all requests to https:// You can add this middleware to your application in the Startup.NET Core manage this capability for you with a uniform syntax that you are familiar with.URL Rewriting allows mapping a public URL space, designed for consumption of your clients, to whatever representation the downstream components of your middleware pipeline require as well as redirecting clients to different URLs based on a pattern.Response Caching similar to the Output Cache capabilities of previous ASP. Web Listener gives you the option to take advantage of Windows specific features, like support for Windows authentication, port sharing, HTTPS with SNI, HTTP/2 over TLS (Windows 10), direct file transmission, and response caching Web Sockets (Windows 8).

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To use middleware as a filter you first create a type with a Configure method that specifies the middleware pipeline that you want to use: You then apply that middleware pipeline to a controller, an action or globally using the Middleware Filter Attribute: To use the cookie-based Temp Data provider you register the Cookie Temp Data Provider service in your Configure Services method after adding the MVC services as follows: The Razor syntax for views provides a flexible development experience where compilation of the views happens automatically at runtime when the view is executed.

We invite you to try out the new features and to provide feedback. NET Core 1.1 you will need to do the following: will create a csproj profile file.

In order to continue using the earlier project.json-based tools on a per-project basis, create a file in your project directory and add the “sdk” property to it.

You can even configure URL rewrite such that both rules are applied and all requests to are always redirected to SSL and rewritten to This allows us to add a call to configure Rewrite Options in our Startup. Configure Services method and configure the response caching from the Startup. For a sample implementation, check out the demo in the Response Caching repository.

We can get started with this middleware by adding a reference to our web application for the Microsoft. Configure method for our rewriter: As you can see, we can both force a rewrite and redirect with different rules. Web Listener is a server that runs directly on top of the Windows Http Server API.


  1. Cross-reference to paragraph not updating when paragraph moves. or moving the sections so that the cross-references can be updated correctly? I'm using Word 2016.

  2. Introduction Cross-references are commonly used in indexes and within long documents to direct the reader's attention to another part of the document, such as an image or related table.

  3. Outlander has 628,372 ratings and 38,726 reviews. Duchess Nicole said Quick question if this book has a quarter of a million ratings and still maintain.

  4. Jan 26, 2015 Problems with updating of cross-references to bookmark. cross-references, and made them from the beginning of the document, but it still does not work.

  5. With a Word 2010 doc I've been inserting a lot of cross-references to Headings and choosing the option to display the. Word 2010 Cross-Reference Text Doesn't Update.

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