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Cpanel awstats not updating

At the time, I really didn’t know much about blogging at all, but I knew I had a topic that I loved and wanted to share with people. After about a year, I was told about Site Sell, and was given a free site as a gift.That’s when Addicted 2 Decorating was born, and I finally had my own domain.

) review, I will strive to prove that claim to you as well.To claim otherwise–to say that I have different motives–will only make you look like a fool. (Which leads me to my absolute funniest and most telling discovery yet.) And an FYI, when you Google the terms “Site Build It Scam” or “Site Build It Review”, you find loads and loads of glowing reviews.As a side note, according to one Site Sell site that was set up by the company to counter The Great Negative Review Debacle of 2009, there are over 80,000 affiliates (people who sell this product for a profit), and yet there are only 40,000 customers. In other words, of the affiliates don’t even use the product! These glowing reviews were written by affiliates who stand to gain financially if you purchase the product using one of their links.I was excited about beginning my journey to financial freedom with my new online business.As I went through the Action Guide (a several-part, step-by-step guide telling you how to build a successful online business), some of it interested me…other parts didn’t.Another tool that they’re incredibly proud of, and which I never used, was the Analyze It tool. I wasn’t interested in manipulating search engines.This tool analyzes each page as you upload it, checking to see if it’s perfectly search engine optimized. I just wanted to write about stuff I love, and I wanted to do it well.This tool searches for key words (terms that people use to search in Google and other search engines) in your niche that have lots of people searching for them, but few websites providing that information. So I decided that wasn’t the vision I had for my site, and those pages filled with key words would always wind up in the trash can.Then the idea is that you provide the information they’re looking for by writing articles that are specifically geared towards these specific key words, and voila! I simply have never written for key words (i.e., for search engines like Google).That’s completely contrary to the Site Sell way of doing things. Then I veered off when I decided to ignore the most foundational part of the Site Build It program.The tool they seem to be the proudest of is a key word generator called Brainstorm It. Sure, I ran my key word search on at least two occasions, and it always resulted in pages and pages of key words that I found overwhelming and uninteresting.


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