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Consolidating itunes music

The i Pod doesn't like the Music Brainz tags in the files, so it may pull up the wrong release art on the i Pod.

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Any items that you import from audio CDs or receive from other sources won't transfer from your device to the i Tunes library.

I entered the location of my i Tunes media folder (i.e.

I have my music share as a drive on my desktop (Finder, connect to server, smb://ds214Play) Anyway, since I did not want to duplicate the music files I unchecked the first three options in i Tunes, preferences, advanced: 1) keep i Tunes media folder organized, 2) copy files to i Tunes media folder...

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  1. Consolidating library itunes 10 ariadna viggo mortensen When I add new music to mylibrary I copy the music to my disk station Music share and in i Tunes I

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