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Conscious dating finding in life love today world

"This is a dramatic shift from past generations who were quite satisfied surviving and achieving some measure of comfort and security for their family.

The need for happiness sounds very simple and innocent, but it's the primary reason for failed relationships today." So what's the secret?

To be "conscious" means to be aware of your life vision, purpose, relationship requirements, needs and wants, mindful that "you don't know what you don't know," so you keep an open mind, take your time and are as honest with yourself and others as possible. I wanted to make a real impact on the divorce rate, which was not happening working with couples in trouble.

"Intention" means to make your choices mindful of their long-term consequences. I discovered life coaching in 1996 and became excited applying coaching to relationships.

"If you just want to have fun and aren't seeking a committed relationship, one night stands are fine. Though David Steele is no fictional character, his moniker leaves us at a place not far from the truth.

The problem is that sex has immediate emotional and physical reactions that result in bonding, so keeping it light and fun can be a challenge."His name makes him sound like a romantic hero. A man who is sensitive -- because don't Davids always tend to be sensitive? As the author of Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World, Steele is deeply concerned about issues relating to your -- that's right: your -- love life.

In our consumer-oriented, immediate gratification culture, the above can be challenging! As a therapist it never occurred to me to work with singles.

Well, says Steele, it's all pretty much covered in his new book, Conscious Dating.

But, we corralled him for the short course on a topic near to many people's hearts.

As a therapist, that hadn't occurred to me before." Steele wanted to apply life coaching to relationships, but he couldn't find a model that existed in order to do so.

It was this, along with much thought and study, that led to him starting the Relationship Coaching Institute.


  1. Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World, Steele is deeply. Here's a line of yours from Conscious Dating that I love "Finding the love of your life in.

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