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Hi everyone, i started play Po E about 1 month ago, i have been playing it as casual player, not giving too much importance to my build, but now my Duellist is lv 26, and things are starting to get serious, so i need some advice from more expert players.At the moment i'm very confused on what build use, and what skill use on my Archer, so i really need a lot of advice from you : D This is my current build I'm going toward Iron Grip, and then get some life here.And what skills do you think are a "must have" on this kind of archer ? I might have played Po E less time than you and I play a ranger but still here are my thoughts: 4 points spent on 10 dex and 9% move speed are not worth it.

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When you get Blood Magic the 3 points in Mana Flows will become useless so you'll have to respec them.

Also make sure you take some life nodes before you take BM. Talking about the build, i knew i had to respec the 3 mana points, but at the moment i have some mana issues, and it's really hard fight without going OOM; so as long as i don't get BM i have to stay with those mana points.

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