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Ever wonder what models smoke to keep those girlish figures.Smoking is a known appetite suppressant and glamorous models use this filthy habit to look glamorous while getting rid of their appetites. Supermodel Beatriz has the habit of lighting up a cig.

It has been rumored that she is smoking at least 30 cigarettes a day.

This no doubt contributed to her lifestyle of cigarette smoking. She was born in Berkley California and is of Dutch ancestory. She lived 2 years of her life in France while promoting her modeling career.

Agyness has appeared in Vogue, Style and Life magazines. Rebecca has even appeared in movies such as Austin Powers, The Spy who Shagged me and X-men 2.

This can lead to peripheral vascular disease - smokers are at 16 times greater risk of PVD - where you are no longer able to feel your fingers or your toes.

Once the blood supply has been lost, this could lead to gangrene and result in having to have your feet or legs amputated.


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