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Rabb was a lieutenant commander and commander for most of the series' run. A Marine lawyer, who later became chief of staff under Chegwidden and Cresswell, partnered with "Harm" and became his best friend and constantly dealt with "whatever" it was between the two officers.

"Mac" had the gift of gab and great tenacity in the courtroom for justice but somehow always had trouble with the men in her life.

Before she was deployed to USS Seahawk (to replace LT Roberts as JAG officer), Lieutenant Loren Singer had engaged in an extramarital affair with CDR Lindsey, who (Singer) attempted to blackmail him when she became pregnant.

After receiving ,000 from Lindsey, Singer slipped on ice and hit her head on a roadway bridge railing.

He lost his right leg when he accidentally stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, but went through rehabilitation and was not only allowed to remain the Navy, but given a promotion at the end of Season 9.

Until the series finale, she was senior to Rabb by two months. Originally an ensign in charge of Public Affairs at USS Seahawk, who later became a JAG lawyer.

She was a vital part of the JAG "family." Harriet gave birth to A. in 1999, but lost her daughter, Sarah, during her delivery in 2000. Categorically refused to get involved in 'the soap opera' of Harm and Mac's relationship/or lack thereof. Coates decided to "straighten up." She served her time in the brig, then changed her rating to that of a legalman.

Since then, Harriet has given birth to a boy (James Kirk Roberts) and then to twins, giving her and Bud four children. Had an on-and-off relationship with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham, and later found love with Varese Chestnut, a jazz singer. She was assigned to the USS Seahawk shortly before LT Roberts was assigned to the ship as JAG officer. When Harm becomes the foster dad to Mattie Grace, and needs a larger apartment for them to live in, he persuades Coates to move into the two-bedroom apartment next door so that Mattie can live there with her.

It was revealed during the interrogation of Lindsey that he was not the father of LT Singer's baby. Friend and colleague of Harm's father whom Rabb saves from court martial several times.

CDR Lindsey later pleaded out to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in Fort Leavenworth. He was on the mission where Harm's father was shot down.


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