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Beth is about 5'7" 120lbs, gorgeous blue eyes, nice curves, and huge breasts. The other bandana was tied around her mouth to keep the first in.That night she had on jean shorts, a tight shirt that showed a little belly, and white socks. She playfuly mmmpphhffed a little from behind her gag. " She was rarely barefoot around me and I had just found out why. I ran a finger up and down several times, she began to flail her bound body and contort her bound feet. Lucky for her no one noticed that she came home at 3 AM.She dropped her purse on a table in the room and walked over to me.As she approched me one of the bondage magazines I had layed out beforehand on the floor caught her I eye and she picked it up and started thumbing through it. I nodded my head "YES" "Well I don't think you do" she pouted sweetly, "I think you deserved to be punished" She grabbed another magazine up off the floor and still holding the key stood up and absently walked around the apartment floor until she stood directly in front of me. She pulled a cigarette and lighter from inside and than snapped the purse closed.Having her in my clutches I walked down to the foot of the bed. I slowly pulled of each sock, brushing away some lint iner the toes on her left foot, her toes instintively curled. Her eyes watered heavily and she strained to push her laughter through the gag. The next day I went out and bought a camcorder, I had to start taping this stuff.

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The rope was cutting the circulation off of my hands. But finally 20 minutes later I told him and he loosened the ropes. I had one pair of handcuffs that I had bought from a carnival and kept the key tied to a string so that I could always free myself whenever I wanted.

We fooled around for a few minutes and she commented that she had to leave, her parents wanted her home before 11 and it was 1045.

I told her to stay a little longer but she didnt want to get in trouble.

"well what if I tied you up and kept you here against your will? She smiled,"That wouldn't work, I'd just escape." I informed her that escape would be impossible. I tied her ankles together then ran a long piece of rope from her bound ankles to the frame under the bed, she was stretched out nicely.

She laid back on the bed and said "It's a shame you don't have any rope or we could find out." With that I headed the closet and pulled out several pieces of rope. I strapped a belt around her legs just above her knees and stepped back to admire my work. I found two bandanas and rolled up one in a ball, "This will keep you quiet." She readily excepted the gag, but seemed a little concerned, she later told me she didnt expect me to be so into the tying game.


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