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My unit got the word that Nazis, dressed as Eskimos, had overrun Seattle.I am the love call of evolution, the perfume and color of the flowers as they offer their pollen to the gentle fuzz of the bees.Well, I got a commanding officer who dresses me up in his clothes and sits me on a horse named Sophie so he can paint his own picture.Potter: It's a tragedy people have to eat horses, they're beautiful animals.Colonel Potter: My pleasure, Now you take World War II.

And, if you need some help, if you've got a question, just knock on my door.

But, you know how much I enjoy the annual Deb's Cotillion.

A transfer would be a waste of good red tape so here's what your gonna do.

Potter: Naturally I thought she wanted out because she couldn't take a bath but that wasn't the reason.

" And she said "I made a big fool of myself and the whole camp knows it." So I said "Well I don't know it." And she said "I'm surprised Pierce didn't tell you."Potter: So I said "Back up a bit.


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