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Chat line numbers for bisexys women

I think about oral and even anal sex with men on a frequent bases. She doesn't know about my membership to BP, but I have been a member here much longer than we have been married.

I am straight in relationships, but bisexual in my sexual desires.

Isn't this really kinda sick when we do things to supress people?

As we get older, some of us realize that allot of the constraints that were put on us as youngsters just do not apply anymore and we are now ALLOWED to actually enjoy ourselves uninhibited, whatever your personal choices.

lots of places that i think that would be perfect for those of us that are strapped for cash and are able to get to those places via car.... The question is "Why are there so many Bi-curious Middle Aged Men"?

My answer getting down to the nitty gritty is that a man, in general has 10 times the Physical drive that a woman has!

After all, we only have ourselves to answer to when the end comes, so why not enjoy life in whatever capacity you can. The term bisexual is just too broad, there are just so may levels of being Bi.

Women in our society have been bred from the very beginning to resist sexual pleasure and thus women are supressed in that way!

Carol, my wife, is completely bisexual and has relationships with other women based more on the feelings towards one another than just the sex.

She does enjoy bi sex with a women outside of a relationship also.

I enjoy it, find it exciting, and never have regrets, but bisexuality isn't something I personally would pursue without my wife.

I do believe that non-Gay men can have a relationship based on feelings.


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