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Carbon dating is faulty

What I dont like is that it said if your outlet is horizontal that you should turn the plug - then the unit takes up the space of both outlets so you cant plug anything else in.

Mostly satisfied - 12/22/2012 Reviewer: Donna Cochran I have had the alarm for a short time. - 03/14/2012 Reviewer: Nancy Tognan I think the First Alert Co615 carbon monoxide alarm is an excellent product.

I would recommend ordering it directly from First Alert. - 08/17/2011 Reviewer: MARY HORTON I dont know where else to start but I cant get over how easy this thing is. Only thing is that you cant tell from display whether it is reading or not other than seeing little battery indicator for the backup battery.Top Rated CO Unit - 04/15/2015 Reviewer: Regis Ruppert Great! Just put in the battery back up, plug it in, and it's good to go. Replacement - 03/30/2015 Reviewer: Michael Matovich The FAS-170543 CM Alarm with Battery Backup & Backlit Digital Display replaces a much older CM Alarm by another manufacturer.The new CM Alarm is more responsive and gives my family added security.The only CO measurement it has is the 24 hour peak level.I really dont know how to rate this, as it has yet to ever indicate any CO and I installed it in my propane fireplace room.I installed the batteries and plugged it into a wall socket only four feet from the furnace and water heater.I have had no false alarms Strange functrionality - 01/09/2014 Reviewer: Mike Di Mascio I find it strange that it does not give a reading of the current CO level at all.And the batteries are two AAs, so they are not expensive. In two years, there is no noticeable drop in battery voltage.Therefore, I am not awakened by low-battery warnings, like the purchasers of some other brands. You can press the button and see the reading at any time.The new ones use 2 AA batteries in place of the 9 V one, These are smaller, slimmer and look better!Plug-in Detector - 12/28/2015 Reviewer: Jack Skoglund I am very pleased with the alarms I purchased. Makes me feel safer knowing they are monitoring the carbon monoxide levels in the house.


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