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If you're trying to find love, Sun sign compatibility is a good indicator of how a relationship will work.Knowing how you interact with other Sun signs can be helpful in your quest for the romantic fulfillment.You will probably work hard to understand each other's differences, but you see them as a welcome challenge rather than a stumbling block to the relationship.You complement each other's differences in the best possible way.Of course, Sun sign compatibility is just the beginning.Consulting a gifted psychic can give you a more detailed look into what transforms two single souls into a loving couple. Here's a peek at how the other Sun signs pair with a Sagittarius woman: Talk about "burning love," pairing with this fellow fire sign can be hot, hot, hot. The Archer and the Ram are both social creatures who are just as idealistic in life as in love.So who is the best match in the zodiac for this fire sign?

She seeks romance, excitement, and adventure and will not tolerate boredom or neediness in a partner.When she finds love with a committed partner, she will be a dedicated lover and friend.Sometimes her intensity can come on a little strong, but that's only because she is so full of passion and so intent on sharing it with the right person.High energy and enthusiasm are the key words in this smoking hot relationship.You, the dreamer and Taurus, the realist, can be an interesting pair.Perhaps it's an enticing Gemini or a fellow Sagittarian?What relationships will turn up the heat and what relationships will burn the fire out?You'll find Gemini both enticing and sometimes irritating, but that only makes you want him more.You may not instantly be attracted to the Cancer man, but once you get to know each other this Water/Fire combo can make one steamy affair.She is optimistic and spontaneous, spiritual and philosophical.Ideally, the Sagittarius woman would be happiest with a romantic partner who appreciates and encourages her love of life and her need for independence.


  1. When a relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman survives, it’s a true testament to the power of love – because for this fire and water couple.

  2. Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman. If the couple is only dating. as he enjoys being involved in a stable and loving sagittarius woman cancer man relationship.

  3. How can a couple live happily together when one of them thrives on security and the other thrives on risk? That’s the problem to solve if Cancer man and Sagittarius.

  4. Our Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 5. This relationship may be a bit too delicate for you Sagittarius; however the planets offer help.

  5. Sagittarius is fiery mute where as Cancer is cardinal water. Fire and water are natural enemies to each other. Thus you can expect frequent arguments and fights quiet.

  6. Cancer Man & Sagittarius Woman Match It is a fiery sign. Independence, bold and expansion are your keywords. You love helping others. Travel is your passion and you.

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