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Early influential Reformed theologians include Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Martin Bucer, William Farel, Heinrich Bullinger, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Theodore Beza, and John Knox. Gresham Machen, Karl Barth, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Cornelius Van Til, and Gordon Clark were influential. It was a common practice of the Catholic Church to name what they perceived to be heresy after its founder.In the twentieth century, Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, B. Nevertheless, the term first came out of Lutheran circles.Calvinists differ from Lutherans on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, theories of worship, and the use of God's law for believers, among other things. Keller, John Piper, David Wells, and Michael Horton.As declared in the Westminster and Second Helvetic confessions, the core doctrines are predestination and election. Reformed churches may exercise several forms of ecclesiastical polity; most are presbyterian or congregationalist, though some are episcopalian.

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The movement was first called Calvinism by Lutherans who opposed it referring to French reformer John Calvin, and many within the tradition would prefer to use the word Reformed. The biggest Reformed association is the World Communion of Reformed Churches with more than 80 million members in 211 member denominations around the world. It was first used by a Lutheran theologian in 1552.Below is an excerpt from the book, containing part of chapter 1: ​The hope I want to offer you, dear young and single Calvinist, is that God sets us free from having to compete with others in order to win the girl or catch the guy’s eye. Because Christ did not accept you because of your personality, eyes, money, charm, or career aspirations.Yes, the liberating truth of real Christian marriage is that in Christ you have been accepted as His bride, and because of that, you can be acceptable to any likeminded believer. Am I saying that we can cut through all the red tape of having to find the person with the perfect personality, gorgeous eyes, financial stability, similar sense of humor, and same career goals? He did not accept you on account of your theological prowess, how passionately you preach the gospel, or how often you feed the hungry.However, it is now rare to call Arminians a part of the Reformed tradition.While the Reformed theological tradition addresses all of the traditional topics of Christian theology, the word Calvinism is sometimes used to refer to particular Calvinist views on soteriology and predestination, which are summarized in part by the Five Points of Calvinism.I am working on another book, which will tentatively bear the title of this post.Anyone interested in reading the whole book in advance and is willing to endorse it can do so. That goes for anyone who is reformed, famous or not, married or single.Calvin denounced the designation himself: Despite its negative connotation, this designation became increasingly popular in order to distinguish Calvinists from Lutherans and from newer Protestant branches that emerged later.The vast majority of churches that trace their history back to Calvin (including Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and a row of other Calvinist churches) do not use it themselves, since the designation "Reformed" is more generally accepted and preferred, especially in the English-speaking world.He chose you for His own name’s sake, for His own glory.He chose you in order to reveal His glory to you, and in so doing He cleans you up from your sins and imperfections.


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