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The area gravel deposits contain rich placer gold deposit.At Thompson's Flat there were large placer gold operations.BUTTE COUNTY, CALIFORNIATotal production from Butte County, 1880-1959, is reported as approximately 3,200,000 ounces of placer gold and 104,000 ounces of lode gold.The Surcease Mine located at township 21N range 4E was a large producer of lode gold.The Keystone mine was a lode mine in the Rockland district. Shelly Creek contains placer gold associated with area quartz mines.The Smith River is definitly the place to look in this county.On Cherokee Flat, alluvial gravel deposits contain placer gold.

Mokelumne Hill district located at township 5N range 11E.DEL NORTE COUNTY, CALIFORNIABetween 18 Del Norte County has produced approximately 50,000 placer gold ounces and about 1,000 ounces from lode deposits.Diamond Creek area had several lode mines with placer possibilities.Auburn State Recreation Area: Includes 40 miles of the north and middle forks of the American River. Near the town of Jackson, you will find the Gwin Mine, it produced lode gold in masses of crystallized arsenopyrite. Hydraulic operations were located on this river that produced considerable placer gold.From Auburn, reach the area from Highway 49 or Auburn-Foresthill Road. South Yuba River State Park: Includes a 20-mile stretch of the Yuba River's south fork. Near Volcano in the west central part of the county around Jackson Gulch and Ranchero Gulch there were some very rich placer deposits.South of the Mokelumne Hill 2 miles you will find the Eclipse, Infernal, and other mines that were large producers of lode gold. The Keystone, Lancha Plana, and Union mines were gold mines with a by product of copper.The Utica and Gold Cliff mines were major producers of lode gold. Carson Hill was the most productive area and contained many mines with rich lode gold deposits.The town of Magalia located in north central part of county, production from 1932 - 1959 was 15,976 ounces of placer gold.The Magalia Tertiary gravel deposits produce placer gold.The Sheep Ranch Mine was a huge producer of lode gold.The Royal Mine was also a large producer of lode gold, with over 10,000 ounces of production.


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