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Building your own dating site

He’s an adrenaline junkie She’s into martial arts He’s a hunter The best brands realize what they are and then they pound that message home.Even if your brand isn’t the sexiest one out there (“I’m an assistant manager at a fast-casual restaurant chain”), keep in mind that most guys aren’t professional stuntmen or owners of hot air balloon companies.You probably use personal brands to describe the people you know.To discover your personal brand, you need to look at yourself the way other people do.Just don’t make it “Who You Are.” Also, your stated passions should appeal to other people.

All you need to do is schedule your free strategy session with us now.When it comes to online dating, you need to create some buzz. you need to be memorable – you need a brand that makes her say “Holy [email protected]#% That Guy Is Hot.” “I met a guy who restores classic cars.”or“I met a guy who can fix anything. Here's another example to illustrate: “Some people fight cancer by signing up for a 5K race…I fight cancer in a lab and I intend to win.”The funny thing is, even a rock star might look at his job as boring.The beautiful woman you saw online gets 100 messages a day from guys who look like every other guy (boring, normal, nothing special). He might say, “Yeah, I stand up and sing in front of a bunch of people who think I’m cool even though I’m not.It’s the same thing every time.” Talk to the average doctor & lawyer and he’ll tell you that it’s not as glamorous as he thought it was going to be.The trick is to zero in on the ATTRACTIVE and EXCITING side of everything…Even if you’re bored to tears of your job, try and think of it in terms of the “BEST” examples above and describe it that way in your profile.If you met someone at a party, what’s the ONE topic you could talk about confidently for 20 minutes? For guys, look for things that indicate: Stable Income, Travel, Adventurousness, Creativity, Sense of Humor, Athleticism, Popularity, Leader, In Control Of Your Own Destiny, Successful.If you’re having trouble, think about your friends (and enemies).This is really easy to do, IF you know what you’re doing.Here at Vi DA, we do it for our clients every day, and you can use the same techniques for yourself.If you say you’re “addicted to the beach,” then your profile pictures had better prove it.If you’re a “slave to fashion,” then you’d damn well better be dapper in your photos. Whether you’re the funny guy, the trust fund kid, the jokester, Mr.


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