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'The fact that Black Panther gets so much right, but one crucial thing wrong, is both thrilling and maddening.'What it got 'wrong,' Bernardin argued, was the title character himself.

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The scene takes no more than five minutes of the movie, and the tension between colonial history and race only escalates from that point on.

provides a platform to discuss a multitude of topics on a national scale.

With issues such as police brutality, the ever-present effects of slavery in Western society, and black identity approached in the film, it is easy to gloss over one of the more exposition-driven scenes of the film that engages with the complicated relationship between museums and audiences affected by colonialism.

However, we as museum professionals need to talk about the inclusion of this scene, especially regarding its function in a film that was cut from nearly four hours long in its first iteration to a solid two, a film that so many young people will see and one that is poised to become a cultural touchstone.

The museum is presented as an illegal mechanism of colonialism, and along with that, a space which does not even welcome those whose culture it displays.


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