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Biggest dating site in the world

Create your free profile to start hooking up with kinky singles today. With more than 5 million kinksters, Fet Life is undoubtedly one of the largest gender-bending communities in the world.That's right, registration is free and you can choose to give to the site if you want to. The very nature of what we do behind closed doors requires absolute trust in our playmates. Kinksters need to know and trust you so that you can have some of that gender-bending fun together.They'll even collar you with an "I Support Fetlife Badge," if you do. Let me give you a lay of the land for this Fet Life review. With over 100,000 groups you are bound to find a group that suits you and your lifestyle.Upfront and centerfold is your newsfeed that suggests content that is best suited for you. They vary from asphyxiation to riggers and diaper play.

On the side, there are various links pertaining to your profile and a stash file called "Stuff You Love". Too many sites pretend that these real-life issues do not occur.

So, whether you're just starting on the journey, an old hand, or prefer that hand over mouth, Fet Life tries to bridge the gap between a social networking site and the hookup scene for those of us who prefer that untrodden road to be downright dirty.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Fetlife.

I received the SMS and entered the verification code.

I was relieved that the SMS did not have any weird links or say where it was from, just the code and nothing else.


  1. You can choose to engage with your potential dates via email, international dating site kinky dating, text chat, or video chat.

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