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Benefits of dating a dork

They nicknamed him “Samson” and the reason for that was his unusual weight.

Eastwood weighed almost 12 pounds when he was born, almost double than an average baby.

Throughout his life-spanning career, The extremely talented actor and director won a total of four Academy Awards.

He won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture for his movies Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004) while receiving nominations for Best Actor for both of them.

begin After serving in the United States army during the Korean war, Eastwood decided to move to Hollywood at a friend’s advice to pursue a career in acting.

That passion will become a signature mark for Eastwood as it will motivate him in everything he touches.

Although he had countless relationships and affairs in his life, Eastwood was only married twice.

His second wife was former TV hostess Dina Ruiz, whom he married in 1996 and divorced in 2014 (we’ll come back to it with many more juicy details).Clint Eastwood rose to fame in the 1960’s as the embodiment of the all-American Macho in cult classics including the TV series Rawhide and Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western Dollars trilogy.He later became known as Harry Callahan in the famous Dirty Harry series, while appearing in many different genres.Even today, Eastwood is still a full-fledged movie maker while still remaining active in politics and other issues. was born in in 1930 in San Francisco, California to a working-class family who originally descended from the legendary Mayflower.Here are some stories behind the good and the bad Clint Eastwood. Shortly after he was born, the hospital nurses gave him a unique nickname.In contrary to his ultimate anti-hero character in the Leone’s Dollars trilogy, Eastwood actually saved a few lives.During filming, He and his co-star Eli Wallach did a scene where a bridge was supposed to explode.Against all odds, he won the municipal elections in 1986 and was a governor for two years.During Eastwood’s term, he focused on constructing local amenities such as its library and car parks.Many of his children chose to follow his footsteps and to pursue similar interests such as acting, filmmaking, and music.His passion was also for politics and the actor and director had a brief stint as Mayor of his city of Carmel-By-The-Sea, California during the 1980’s.


  1. Old Boss I used to work for this total dork. The guy would do anything to get ahead, and especially if he could climb over your back to do it.

  2. Die Erkenntnis, dass der Handel mit Geek dating site is run by people for the benefit of you. This is the. Targeted at people who proudly wear the geek label or nerd, dork, whatever you want to call it, it aims tinder dating app yahoo answers xbox Expectation Vs. Reality Dating Another Nerd nerds get rekt.

  3. Oct 15, 2014. Science proves benefits of nice, boring guys. First, I asked, “Describe to me your perfect date.”. Marry a dork. Based on a new five-year study in Australia, it seems like our cultural over-emphasis on physical chemistry, personal charm and charisma, and/or our conditioning to be drawn to the “bad boy” or.

  4. Mar 6, 2012. Have you ever dated a geek? If you have, you know that they are loyal, caring, creative, problem-solvers. At least that's what the self-proclaimed geeks at The Next Web want you to think! That's right. One of webs' most influential tech journalism sites published a seemingly beguiling article entitled, “Geek.

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